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Provider-Based Billing at Mon General Hospital

As a result of organizational changes at Mon General Hospital, several of the hospital’s outpatient offices became departments of Mon General Hospital.  This change was made to enable us to more closely coordinate care for our patients, both inside and outside the hospital.  These departments include:

  • The Zelda Stein Weiss Cancer Center of Mon General Hospital
  • Mid Atlantic Gynecologic Oncology of Mon General Hospital
  • Mon General Hospital Cardiac & Vascular Center (aka Cardiac and Vascular Associates of Mon General Hospital)
  • Mon General Hospital Surgical Care (aka Heiskell, King, Burns and Tallman of Mon General Hospital)
  • Mon General Hospital Digestive Care (aka Gastroenterology of Mon General Hospital)
  • Mon General Hospital Urology (aka Morgantown Urologic Associates)
  • Wound Healing Center of Mon General Hospital
  • Primary Care - Morgantown
  • Dermatology
  • Surgical Care- Suncrest (aka Morgantown Surgical Associates)
  • Pulmonary Care

Other offices may be added as Mon General continues to grow.  

You will notice new signs at these offices designating that they are departments of Mon General Hospital. Patients or their insurers may be billed a separate facility charge in addition to the physician or professional fee. This change may also affect the amount of co-pay or other out-of-pocket expenses for patients.

Answers to some common patient questions:

What does this mean to me?

Neither your care nor the people who provide it will change. However, you or your insurer may receive two bills for a visit: one for professional services and a separate facility charge. Your co-insurance amount may change, depending upon your insurer’s policies.

Can I talk with someone about my bill?

Yes. Mon General Hospital’s Patient Accounting Department is available to answer your questions and help resolve any issues related to your bill. You can contact them at 304-598-1560.

What are professional services and facility charges?

The ‘professional service’ bill covers the medical care provided to you by a Mon General doctor or another health professional. The ‘facility’ bill covers the cost of office space and equipment, operations, medical recordkeeping and other services provided by the hospital to make the healthcare possible.

Why is this being done?

Mon General Hospital has changed the management structure for our patient care operations, both inside and outside the hospital. One major goal of this process is to make sure that every time you seek care from Mon General Hospital, we make sure to coordinate among all the physicians and providers you may see, and between outpatient offices and our hospital, in the event you need hospital care.

Designating a clinic as a hospital department (provider-based status) recognizes the coordination we provide among all the locations of care, and helps the organization receive proper payment for all the services provided.